Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Little RV Arrives in Savannah Georgia

Today we packed up and moved to Savannah, GA.  The weather is beautiful and the drive was only a couple of hours.  We have settled into a small campground just outside Savannah. The rest of the day was very quiet.  

On a more exciting note, if you read a couple of previous blog posts, you know I have been having problems with two of my kitchen cabinets staying shut while we are towing.  The results have been annoying at best.  The last time we stopped one of the cabinet doors was hanging by one bent hinge.  During our Charleston stay, we rehung the door and I shopped for a solution to the problem of the doors opening on their own.  

I knew I didn't want some ugly, white baby lock that was annoying every time I needed to open the doors.  I wanted something that couldn't be seen from the outside and could be deactivated when not needed.  I found the perfect solution at Lowe's.  It is a baby lock but it is magnetic and cannot be seen from the outside of the cabinet.  There is also a switch to turn the lock off when you don't need it.  Exactly what I was looking for.  
Safety 1st® Tot Lock Magnetic Key

The photo above is the lock and catch installed (this is not my cabinet).  There is also a magnet that you put against the outside of the directly behind the locking mechanism.  The magnet is what unlocks the lock. 

The lock can be found at this link; TotLok Magnetic Cabinet Locking System.

The package I got had four sets of locks and catches in it.  I needed two immediately and will probably need the others at some point. 

I installed two of them last night before we went to bed and used them today when we moved. They were fairly easy to install and work like a charm.  This morning I opened the cabinet doors and flipped the switch to lock on both cabinets before we pulled out.  When we arrived I got the magnetic "key" off the front of the fridge and unlocked the doors. They worked!  I am so glad to have solved at least that problem.

Tomorrow we tour Savannah! 

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