Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spicing Things up in the Little RV

I use a lot of spices.  Without salt food is terribly bland so spices help spice things up.  Spices take up a lot of space.  You wouldn't think those tiny little bottles and cans could be such a space hog but they are.  I have a couple of organizational methods of dealing with those containers that seem to multiply in the night. 

The first is my way cool spice rack. I got this online from The Tubular Spice Company.

I love it.  It is stable, holds 40 spices and just doesn't take up a lot of space.   I keep it in a drawer which works well because the labels are on the tops of the corks.

I also use SpiceStor spice organizer racks.  I got mine from Amazon but I have seen them at Camping World as well.  They are very inexpensive and work great.

Back at home I had a whole upper cabinet full of spices.  Here I keep them at hand but when I need to refill I keep extras and partial bottles in some of the overhead storage and out of my kitchen. 

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