Friday, February 15, 2013

Does the Little RV Float?

...and it rained and rained and rained.  

The day before yesterday it was 89 degrees. Yesterday when I got up it was 64 degrees and pouring buckets of rain outside.  I'm from Western Washington and we get a lot of rain there but it is usually light rain that just goes on for days.  

Grant's digestive system does not stop for rain so I got dressed and took him outside.  While we were waiting to cross the street I noticed a guy with an umbrella walking down the sidewalk in our direction.  The next time I looked up my timing was perfect.  A car drove right through the deep, standing water along the road and created a perfect rooster tail of water which completely drenched the poor pedestrian. 
He stopped, looked around, shook his head and turned around to return to wherever he came from.  The worst part is I think the driver did it deliberately.  After witnessing the drenching he took, I decided to stay waaaaaay back from the road while waiting to cross.

It continued to rain all day and in the afternoon the wind really picked up.  I had to close our windows to keep the rain out.  We had some thunder but not a lot.  Grant refused to go outside more than once.  Last night we heard on the news that a small tornado touched down in a town about an hour away where Rob's mom lives. 

It was a nice, quiet day and we had ample opportunity to relax.   

We are getting some things done.  Grant went to the groomer for a badly needed clean up.  We had the insurance adjuster come and do our estimate for the repairs on the truck from the crushing it took back in September.  Click here to see that story if you missed it.  We will be so glad to have the damage repaired and all evidence of our folly gone.  Well, except for the fact that it's on the internet. 

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