Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Little RV's Plans Change Yet Again

Today is Wednesday.  We were supposed to leave Connecticut today.  We are NOT leaving Connecticut.  Why, you ask?  We have yet another problem with the Little RV.  Yesterday when Eric came to install the new wiring harnesses he discovered that our black tank has been seeping waste.  This is not something he can address outside in a driveway so we are being handed off to another repair company whom he highly recommends. Tomorrow afternoon we will be taking the little RV to the shop.  Of course we have to vacate our home again so we are in the process of figuring out where to stay.  We have decided on a hotel but don't know which one just yet. The repair person is hopeful that they can finish the repairs by close of business Friday but if that can't be done, we'll be homeless for the weekend.   The weather is supposed to be warm through the weekend so our window is still open.  I can't help but wonder what the lesson in all of this is.  Thoughts?

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