Monday, January 7, 2013

The LIttle RV's Parts are on the Truck For Delivery!

This morning I checked the tracking number for our parts to see where they are.  It said, "on the truck for delivery".  I'm excited.  We are on schedule and hope to stay that way.  Today we have a list of things to do to get ready to go. One of which is to remove the snow and ice from the top of the Little RV.

Alex keeps threatening to have someone come and build a deck around the Little RV during the night so we can leave but I told him we could hook the truck up to the deck and pull it off.  
Then he mumbled something about flat tires.  Last night Judy said if we stay just one more day we could go out to lunch.  Tempting as that is, we must go, we need to go.  It's just time to go.

Miss Amelia had a splendid birthday party yesterday.  Enjoy the photos!

 Happy Birthday Amelia!


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