Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Little RV Goes For Another Ride on the Learning Curve

When we left Virginia on Saturday we planned to stay in our new campground for a day or two and then move on toward Florida.  However, Rob hasn't been feeling very well the last couple of days so we are staying put for now.  

We're in a great campground in North Carolina.  It's has large spaces, lots of grass and is not at all crowded at this time of year.  The staff are very friendly as well.  You never know what you'll find in a new area and we were surprised to find the town we are near, Mt. Airy, is the birthplace of Andy Griffith and the town that inspired The Andy Griffith show and Mayberry RFD.  

The weather has been beautiful since we got here with blue skies and daytime temperatures have been in the upper 50s and lower 60s....until today.   It has been getting cold enough at nigh to freeze the water hose and the faucet so we have been letting the water drip at night to keep it from freezing.  At a campsite we usually keep the gray tanks open so we don't have to worry about them filling but when we want to dump the black tank we close the gray valves to build up enough water to flush out the sewer hose after we dump.  

This morning at about 5:00 the sound of the dripping faucet changed and woke me up.  I discovered the kitchen sink was about 1/2 full.  The kitchen gray tank was completely full and the sink was about to overflow but I shut it off before it could flood the RV.   I started the bathroom sink dripping to keep the hose from freezing up and went back to bed but couldn't sleep.  Rob was awake too and went out to dump the tanks.  When he came back inside we had some coffee to warm up and he went back to bed.  The temperature never got above 30 degrees today.  

Early in the afternoon I went out the door to go to the office and discovered a huge ice rink under the Little RV.  
See the shiny ice patch under the RV?  It runs about 10 feet past the other side.
After some investigation I discovered water had been spraying from the water hose connection in the control panel for several hours and had run down through the frame of the RV and created a very large skating rink.  There were icicles hang from the places where water had been running outThe worst part was that some water had seeped into the basement.  I had to empty the entire basement and dry the floor and bottoms of the storage tubs and put it all back.  There doesn't seem to be any damage so I think I caught it in time. 

Here are a couple of photos I took this evening near sunset.  Grant and I were out walking and thought it was a beautiful sunset.

Can you see the moon?


  1. I especially like the picture of the old hay rake.

    1. Welcome and Thanks! I walked up to put the garbage in the dumpster and turned around and there it was. I snapped it with my cell phone. It takes great pictures in spite of the photographer.

  2. Why don't yall camp somewhere in the South, where it's warm? Just asking. Most of the bloggers I follow, chase the heat, not the cold...lol

    1. Oh Trouble, That was certainly the plan. We were supposed to be in Florida on December 1st but as you have read, our plans have changed many times. We are working on getting there but we have to stop when Rob needs to rest and sometimes we need to stay for a few days. We are not chasing the cold, we're running from it but at a snails pace.