Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Little RV Continues its History Tour

Rain, rain go away! 
It was raining when we arrived in Virginia, it rained all night the first night and quite a bit yesterday.  It was raining when we went to bed last night and when I got up this morning.  However, today's forecast calls for SNOW, 4 to 6 inches of snow.  We can't leave the campground yet because we are waiting for an important package to arrive.  It should be here tomorrow by 3 in the afternoon so Saturday is the earliest we can head further south. 

Even though it's not very pretty here due to the season and the weather we did more sightseeing yesterday.  There is so much history to see in this part of the country.  Our first stop was Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  This beautiful stone bridge was on the way to Monticello. 

We drove to the visitor's center only to find the only way to actually see the house is to pay $18 each and ride a bus to the house which is high on a hill surrounded by trees.  The ticket includes a 45 minute walking tour of the house which is not an option for us so we spent some time enjoying the museum. 

After our Monticello stop we drive to the home of President James Monroe, fifth President of the United States, Ash Lawn–Highland, located near Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, and adjacent to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.
Ash Lawn Highland
The driveway was at least a half mile long and lined with old oak trees.  It was beautiful but in the summer it must be awesome.  

There were cows resting along the fence on the way up to the house.  I kinda love a cow face.  
Fuzzy Cow
Grant was excited because it was so quiet there and there were acres of space so we let him out to run for a bit.  Once we got him back into the truck he made it clear he had enjoyed himself.  
Sightseeing Grant
Michie Tavern was the next stop.  Located in Albemarle County, Virginia, is a Virginia Historic Landmark that was established in 1784 by Scotsman William Michie. 


  1. Just found you thru rvsue, and I love it. BUT, would love to see a pic of your little rv. I went back a ways, maybe need to go further?
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    1. Hi Trouble,
      In the purple bar near the top there is a link called "Our House on Wheels". You can see our (not so) little RV there. I have no idea how to make the verification thing go away but I'll work on that. I get annoyed when I can't be anonymous sometimes.
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