Sunday, January 6, 2013

Making Departure Preparations in the Little RV

The parts for the Little RV are in Hartford at the UPS distribution center and are scheduled to arrive on Monday.  Tuesday, Eric from Certified On-site RV Repair is coming to install the new parts.  We are hoping that these parts will finally fix the problem we are having with our tank level indicators. Our plan is to depart CT on Wednesday.

Yesterday Rob, Grant and I went out to run errands in preparation for the next leg of our trip.  While we were on the highway heading for town, the wind deflector just detached itself from the hood and flew over the truck.  Gone...just like that.  What??  It's only 5 months old and was installed at the dealership.  Should it really have just flown off like that? Guess we'll deal with that another time.

Grant's trusty back seat doggie hammock finally wore out and we had to get a new one.  We got this one at PetSmart.  This is their photo and is not our truck and clearly that is not our dog.
            Pet Travel Hammock Seat Cover - PetSmart
It tends to help keep him in the back and gives him a stable place to sleep while we are on the road.  This one seems a bit more sturdy than the one we had beforeAlso, because our truck is so big, we need a hammock that is large enough to reach between the front and back seats.  The only problem is that the new one is kind of slippery so I needed to find a mat of some kind for him to lay on.  I found a great little mat for him and it even matches the truck.

We also needed to get another bag of his new prescription dog food.  I now call his dog food caviar because it's so incredibly expensive.  I get a 17 lb. bag for about $75.  However, I don't have to cook it, it doesn't make him sick or itchy and he likes it.  It is the ONLY dog food I can find that doesn't have anything he is allergic to in the recipe. 

Since Rob had congestive heart failure he has to be on a very low sodium diet.  I have found a few things here that I haven't seen elsewhere that are very low in sodium and make life easier so I wanted to pick up a few extras.

Yesterday afternoon, Rob went to Justin's first soccer game and on the way back the Engine Coolant Temperature warning light came on.  He stopped to get some antifreeze at an auto parts store and when he opened the hood he discovered a very large rodent nest had been built around the secondary cooling system.  If I had been there I'd have taken pictures but I wasn't so Rob just pulled it all out and cleaned up the mess as best he could.  It was dark out and he was in a parking lot.  Today should reveal more about what more may need to be done.

Today is Amelia's first birthday party.  We'll be taking a break from our preparations to attend. 

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