Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Not The Little RV This Time

We've had some pretty wintery weather here in North Carolina the last few days. Yesterday we had several hours of sleet and freezing rain.   The news reports said it was icy and to stay off the roads until later this morning.  So, "later this morning" we went out to get a propane tank refilled and pick up some groceries.  We were gone a couple of hours and when we were nearly home we encountered this;
The only vehicle moving up there was the tractor.  The campground is just over the rise. The hill apparently melted just enough to be really slick. A couple of the guys from the campground had their tractors out and were trying to clear the road and/or pull the RV up the hill.    I looked at Rob and said, "at least it's not us this time".  

We put the truck in park and watchedThe poor RV owner had to unhitch the tow vehicle from the RV and move it out of the way.  

The guys on the tractors plowed the snow and ice off the road and then attached a tow rope to pull the RV up the hill.  I noticed that all the neighbors were on their front porches watching.  

About 30 minutes later they were up the hill.  

Notice the person standing down below the RV just left of center and out of the way?  That was the passenger from the RV who was afraid the RV would slip down into the ditch.  


  1. We DO get some of that sometimes, and I can drive on it, but do NOT trust others to do so.,.lol. We have trucks that go out and sand bridges, but that will thaw enough and refreeze to be bad again. It's so rare, no one is equipped to handle it.

    1. I think this was more a case of really bad timing on their part and the angle of the hill. We had been all over town and not had any problems at all. It all worked out in the end and for once, it wasn't us.