Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finding a Campsite for The Little RV

On days when we move the Little RV to a new location we seem to have the same conversations and frustrations over and over again.  Thinking back to yesterday I had to laugh.  It generally goes something like this. 

We pack up and leave using whatever route we had decided on taking.   I start wondering about campsites within an hour or so.  Usually Rob is driving so it's up to me to find us a spot.  The problem is we don't know how long Rob will feel like driving on any given day so we can't plan out our stops. 

      Juley: "Where do you think we should stop tonight?"

Rob:  "I don't know. Where do you want to stop?"

Juley:  "How much longer do you think you'll feel like driving?"

Rob:  "A while, I'm OK."

This is where I randomly pick a town that is not too close and not too far and start looking for campgrounds that are open year around and may be near something we want to see  I have various tools that I use to find campsites but generally I search using my smart phone.  I put my head down and start searching.  I occasionally lose service and have to wait for a better signal.  After searching for a while I get frustrated and start paying attention to the surrounding area.  I realize two things, I have missed a lot of scenery and I have no idea where we are.  Then I get really stressed out.  This goes on for an hour or so until I finally find and call a campground with good reviews and has the facilities to accept an RV our size.  

I know the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results but I just can't figure out how to avoid this situation.   

Another thing that really struck me yesterday was how suddenly we migrated into thick Southern accents.  We crossed the state line into Virginia and I went into the Welcome Center to get some state information.  The lady at the desk had a very thick southern accent and the man working the desk at the campground was equally difficult to understand.  
Just a chuckle for you on a rainy Virginia Wednesday.

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