Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Basking in the North Carolina Sun With The Little RV

It was 70 degrees here today and it was beyond gorgeous.  I ran some errands, Grant and I played ball for a while, I grilled steaks for dinner.  It felt like summer instead of January.  It was a one day event.

After spending the last 2 + days sorting, purging, rearranging, organizing, climbing up and down, up and down, up and down, and generally going through everything we own, I can say I'm almost finished.  ALMOST.

This morning I got up really early, took Grant out, got showered and fluffed up, loaded up the truck with my donations of household items, clothing and food and our trash.  With my detailed list in hand, I deposited my various donations in the appropriate locations.  

Then it was off to get new wiper blades for the truck, and some organizing things from Wally World.  I was back by noon with my treasures in hand.  I did manage to put some of the new items to use but others are still sitting here looking at me.  I'm not making eye contact.  It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.  That seems like a good time to finish up.  

Have you ever organized something and then each time you go by you have to stop and admire your handy work?  Yes, I have OCD.  I admire my organized pantry whenever possible.  Perhaps I'll post a photo tomorrow?

I'm really hoping our mail and the other shipment we are expecting come tomorrow.  We are just ready to go.  Rob is getting rested up, I'm getting organized and Charleston beckonsI'll get to add a new state to our "Visited States" map.  I admitted I have OCD.  What more do you want?

Happy Birthday Bruce!!

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