Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to 2013 and Planning for 2014 in the Little RV

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of Christmas preparations, medical appointments and just life in general.  We did slow down for a couple of days to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with family.  Of course I made hats for the kids but only got some of them in pictures.  
Twins Titus and Tanner in their Duck Dynasty hats and
little brother Emerson in his sock monkey hat.

Sadly, I didn't get Camden and Clementine in their gingerbread boy and girl hats but I did snag a photo of them in front of their Christmas tree at home.  
Camden and Clementine
Amelia's owl hat, Justin's Red Sox hat and Oliver's dinosaur hat went to Connecticut so no hat photos but I have some photos of our three littles there as well.  
Amelia, Oliver and Justin
We had planned to leave for a sunnier climate at the end of December but there are a couple of medical procedures Rob needs to have so we are planning on the end of January.  We never know what will happen but the man we are renting the lot from seems perfectly happy to have us here for another month.  

We still haven't decided where we are heading when we actually do get moving.  Maybe we'll just know when we get there.  

In the mean time the preparations for departure have begun.  The truck was in the shop yesterday getting its 30,000 mile service.  We also got the basement organized from the the mess the repair people made while loading and unloading it repeatedly.  But there is so much more to do before we will be ready to go but we'll make it all happen.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

DRV your nose is growing!

In our last post I dangled the fact that we had gotten an update from the Washington Attorney Generals' office regarding our complaint against DRV, the manufacturer of our RV.  

I'm attaching a link to the letter so you can see exactly what DRV had to say. 

Link to letter.  

As you can see DRV is blaming the service provider for the problems we have had with our holding tank valves.  I wouldn't expect anything different at this point but I am disappointed because it is simply not true.  

Pinocchio DRV your nose is growing!

I'll leave you with this soothing sunrise photo of Mt. Rainier.  Rob snapped it this morning while walking with Grant.  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Proud, Cold and Content in the Little RV

It's been a while since I wrote a post but here we are! 

First and foremost, we want to congratulate our son-in-law Alex, on his successful completion and graduation from the New York City Fire Academy. Alex used to work for the East Hartford, Connecticut fire department but decided he needed to make a change so he applied to FDNY and the rest is history.  He spent 18 weeks learning the FDNY ropes.  We're very proud of you Alex!
Alex stands head and shoulders above the rest!
The weather here has been absolutely frigid the last few days.  We are having temperatures in the low teens at night and some days we don't get above freezing.  Our water hose has been freezing solid at night so we are using the water tank at night and using the site water during the day. At the end of the day we drain and coil up the hose and put it in the basement so it won't freeze.  Yesterday the water pipe was frozen and had to be defrosted before we could use it.  

We're definitely bundling up when we go outside.  It's tough keeping the Little RV warm on the inside too.   We have a new space heater that is helping to keep the chill off.  We try to use the propane furnace as little as possible because when we heat exclusively with it, we have to have a propane bottle filled every three days.  That gets expensive fast!  

Tiny house, tiny tree!
We're getting ready for Christmas. Monday I took the Christmas boxes bound for Connecticut and shipped them. Our shopping is mostly finished and wrapped.  The tree and decorations are up. I'm working on some crocheted gifts for family members but that won't take long.  

Most of my family has been sick since before Thanksgiving with a nasty but that ended in bronchitis for my parents and croup for Camden.  Christina is sick and so far Clementine only seems to have the sniffles. Hopefully her immune system is up to the task of fending it off at the tender age of 10-ish weeks.  

We're part way through the last round of medical appointments for Rob before we leave for the rest of the winter.  

Speaking of getting ready to leave, we have been preparing for that little by little also.  One of these days when the weather is warmer we need to go outside and empty the basement.  When the repair techs did our work they emptied and reloaded our basement in a most disorderly fashion.  It looks like a tornado when through our basement and we can't find anything in the aftermath.  

Grant is doing pretty well now.  We have him back on plain chicken and pumpkin again.  We tried a new fish based dog food but it had potatoes as the main starch and now we know he is most definitely allergic to potatoes.  I think we have to give up on feeding him any commercial dog food because none of them work for him.   I'd like to find a carbohydrate to go with his chicken for a more balanced diet.  I'm going to try lentils with his chicken in a few weeks.  I have to let his system rest and my courage build before we try again.  

Dare I say, our tank valves are working flawlessly. What a pleasure it is to have those functioning correctly after all this time.  We have had a response from the Washington Attorney General's office which I will share next post.   

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All's Well that Ends Well in the Little RV

Sunday afternoon with the failed repairs looming over us the three of us packed up and headed back to Junction City.  We got a spot in the camping lot with electricity. The service guys always make sure you have 2/3 tank of fresh water when you leave the shop and we had just left there on Saturday morning so we should have had more than enough water for the night. Unfortunately, during the night we ran out of water in our fresh water tank. There would be no showers.  Rob went down to turn the water pump off after he discovered we were out of water and the water pump light went off.  If you remember, Saturday the light would not go off no matter what we did.     

The plan was to be at the service office door at 8 am, and we were with coffee in hand.  We explained the situation and we were told to sit tight until they could arrange to get the the service tech over to the dump station.  They wanted to try to dump the tanks to see what the problem was.  

Exterior Control Panel
45 minutes or so later we were assembled at the dump station, sewer hose hooked up and the tech pushed the gray valve button and it worked like a champ.  

He kept asking us questions and pushing the button to open and close it.  We explained how the water pump light wouldn't go off and he kept saying, "I don't know what to tell you.  It's working fine." 
   The two switches on the right are the new electric switches and directly to the right is the existing pull for the third tank
Our service consultant, John was standing back watching this whole thing play out and finally told the tech to look at the water pump light which was also going on and off but we were in direct sunlight and couldn't see it.  

The tech mumbled something about being told to wire the switches into the water pump switch and walked away in the general direction of the shop.  We were sent off to "enjoy the day" while the Little RV was moved to the shop.  Now what?  

We ended up at the local camping store where we blew and hour and $60.  While we were in the store John called and asked us to come back to the shop to meet the boss.  I had been asking to talk to him for days and finally it was going to happen.  It was about 10:30 am.  

We sat down in Tim's office and talked through what had been happening during this visit and several other prior visits.  We talked about the poor service, lack of clean up after service, finding broken glass and copper wire bits on the floor where they can be stepped on and imbed in feet that have no feeling.  We talked about people breaking things and trying to hide it by slapping it back together in a very sloppy way.  

In the end Tim is going to try to get DRV to pay for more of the valve replacement and the shop is going to pony up more as well.  The did not charge us for the service we received but there may be a balance after all of the negotiations are complete.   At least we feel that someone listened to us with empathy and is trying to help in some small way.  
Our pretty campsite

The valves are now wired correctly and we are back in Olympia in the lot we rented for the remainder of the year.  We dumped the tanks and it worked flawlessly.  Perhaps now we can get on with our lives?  You'll be the first to know if we continue to have problems.  

Snuggled into our roomy space for the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! 

Rob and I (and Grant) wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

There are no Words...

Here in Troutdale we settled in to our site and got comfortable.  We are still having wind gusts of 50 mph or more.  

Before we left Junction City we added some tank cleaner to the gray tanks.  We drove up with them half full so the cleaner would slosh around and clean things up.   After we got set up I did two loads of laundry to fill the tank and clean the whole thing out really well.  When the gray tanks were full I went out to dump them.  I pushed the fancy new electric valve button.... wait for it... 


It doesn't work.  Nothing happened, no light, no sound, no water, nothing.  To top that off, the water pump light seems to be on permanently.  We have no literature, no packaging, and I have searched the interwebs high and low for some type of manual or installation instructions so we can get more information but I cannot find anything. 

So here we are on Thanksgiving week with a full gray tank, looking at driving back to Junction City tonight to get this thing functioning.  By the way, the tank that is full is the one that holds the water from the shower.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reparis Complete in the Little RV - Sort of

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for yet another update on our repairs.  After three nights in the motel, we got the call around noon yesterday that the Little RV was all buttoned up and ready to go.  We were surprised because just the previous evening we had been told we would be need to stay the weekend and it looked like they would finish up on Monday afternoon. 

We packed our things and headed over to the shop to settle the bill and move back in.  To make a long story short, the new valves were installed and are functioning correctly, the tank level gauges are said to be working properly, the light the shop broke on our last visit has been replaced but they ordered another one because when you turn the lights on, one globe looks yellow and the other looks white.  I'm not seeing much of a difference in the color.  The light fixtures for over the kitchen island were not the correct ones and have to be returned for yet another set.  The trim that was sent to fix the crown over the refrigerator was the wrong type so it has to go back as well.  They tired to fix the old molding but it looks pretty bad so they have to order that again. 

Fortunately the things that didn't get fixed are mostly cosmetic and can wait.  I don't expect the parts to arrive before the end of the year and I don't see us waiting around for  and trim instead of heading south to warmer weather, do you? 

We moved from Junction City to Troutdale, Oregon today.  We in the same park we spent several weeks in earlier this fall.  We enjoy it here and are glad to be back.  I have to say, it's really windy here and so cold.  The wind is gusting hard enough to push the top of the driver side slide in a bit.  I personally find it a bit creepy when the walls move and I'm not pushing the button.  

Tomorrow we will be spending the day with our daughter and her family.  Camden will turn 5 on Friday and we are going to help his daddy build him a new bed. Mommy and I are going to redecorate his bedroom.  

Monday we head back to Olympia to prepare for Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside the Little RV!

I believe I underestimated the number of layers of clothing I'd be needing while we're moteling it!  It was cold yesterday when I took Grant out for his morning business appointment but this morning it's brutal.  Sure the thermometer says 27 degrees but the wind takes it to a whole new level.  The tears were freezing on my cheeks this morning.    Grant seemed unscathed by the cold and frankly he was mighty perky.  

After he finished up we jumped into the truck and headed our for big, hot lattes'.   Since I just didn't think I could cope with the rude kid at the OTHER coffee place I decided to try Dutch Bros.  I had never been there before but it was a very good experience and the employees were very friendly.

Mission accomplished!

We dropped the Little RV off at the repair shop on Tuesday afternoon and checked into the motel.  Nice place and lots of room for Grant. 

As of yesterday at 1:30 pm the Little RV was still sitting outside the bay at the shop waiting to be worked on.  Upon questioning this discovery, I was informed for the first time that our 8:30 am appointment was simply to check in and get the ticket written up but it was by no means the time they would begin the repairs.  This is not looking good!

On the flip side, yesterday's morning shower was LONG and HOT and I'll be taking another just like it today.  If I have learned anything at all these past 18 months, it's enjoy the little things. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hopeful and Wary all at the Same Time in the Little RV

Tomorrow we are heading for Junction City, Oregon for ongoing repairs. The parts are in and ready to be installed.  It takes a couple of days for us to get ready when we have to move out of our home. This time should only be for two nights (keep your fingers crossed). Rob and Grant both require a special diet so that has to be prepared and packed.  We need a motel room with a microwave and a refrigerator for those special diets.  When we have a longer stay we have to get a room with a full kitchen so I can cook for all of us. We also have some medical equipment to take along and of course our clothing and toiletries.  

I'll be cooking and packing things up most of the day.  We're trying out some new vegetarian recipes like muffin pan frittatas and marinated, baked tofu bites and spicy Indian dahl. We also have to get the Little RV ready to go.  Hopefully it won't rain all day today.  

We spent a lot of time in Harrisburg at the River Bend Resort this summer in their RV Park.  

Rob remembered they have rooms available as well so we will be staying there.  Grant is welcome there and there is plenty of room for him outside for exercise and those necessary business transactions.

During our upcoming trip to Oregon we are having the holding tank valves replaced with electric valves.   We currently have manual cable valves with cables that run many feet from the actual pull handle.  They look like this.

We have three holding tanks.  Two of them have such long cables that are routed over, under, around and through so much they just don't work properly.  We have had them replaced twice and we continue to have the same problem.  They don't close all the way and they leak.

The electric valves look like this.
We are very hopeful this will solve our problem once and for all.  The service provider does keep warning us that these are not trouble free either and if one stops working the RV's belly pan has to be removed in order to gain access.  

In addition to the valves we are having our tank monitor panel replaced.  Something has been wonky with it since the beginning and it was replaced once but they are going to try again.  Even our fresh water tank level is not accurate so we know it is not the sensors.  We are having 5 light fixtures replaced, the molding that was broken during out last service visit is being replaced and the trim strips on the ceiling that were damaged when the ceiling panel that was falling down was secured are being replaced.  The repairs are mostly cosmetic and it will be nice to have them fixed.  It will be especially nice to have adequate light in the kitchen.  

Rob and I are so ready to be finished with all of these repairs.  We are fully aware that "it's always something" but this has been ridiculous.  We are hoping in January when we head off into the warm sunset, we'll be leaving the holding tank woes behind us.  

At least we'll be well fed while we are displaced.  Of course there are some really exciting things to look forward to while we are staying at the resort.  We can take the longest, hottest showers and enjoy that luxuriously thick toilet paper.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Waiving the White Flag of Surrender in the Little RV

You win!
We surrender!

Yesterday I called the Oregon Attorney General Office to check on the status of our complaint against DRV.  I was told they referred the complaint to the Washington AG office.  The Washington AG office says that is extremely off since 
the purchase was made in Oregon.  Washington suggested I file a new claim on their online system and start over because it may take a while for the complaint to get forwarded to their offices.  When I finally got off the phone I was so angry and frustrated.  I had waited for three weeks to hear from the Oregon AG office only to find nothing had been or would be done.  

While I was fuming I started thinking about how many hours, days and even weeks this holding tank situation had stolen from our lives.   I decided it has to end even if we have to foot the bill.  We really need to start the new year with a fully functional RV.  

If you haven't been following along this post should bring you up to speed.  

Don't get me wrong, I haven't let go of the idea that this is wrong and to me right and wrong are very black and white.  DRV should fix this problem once and for all or failing their willingness to fix the problem they should be made to fix it.  BUT... it's just not worth any more angst, heartache, anger, tears or time.  

So, when we go to Oregon next week to get our repairs done we are going to have electric valves put on the two holding tanks that have been giving us fits.  DRV will only pay for the replacement of the current mechanical style valves so we have to pay for the "upgrade" as DRV calls it.  The repair shop quoted us $500 to $800 for the "upgrade". I'm sure this will officially end DRV's obligation for any further problems we may have with these two valves.  That kind of rubs me the wrong way too.  

Guess it's just time to waive the white flag and move along.  After all, life is too short to deal with this any longer.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Little RV Enjoys "Shrooms"

Fungus, fungi, mushrooms, toadstools...I know nothing about these things but here in this beautiful campground the moisture loving growths catch my attention whenever I go outside.  I find them fascinating.  

A few weeks ago Rob had a major accident with his old Canon camera shattering the viewing screen so he needed a new camera.  It arrived last week and since he was snoozing this afternoon when the sun came out I sort of borrowed it.  Grant and I took a long walk and lots of photos.

I shall call him Mini Me

Looks like velvet

Pushing up through the dirt and needles is hard work

Fancy edges

The Black Sheep?

Prom Queen

Appears to have been slimed

Average Joe

Lilly Pads

Something from Star Wars?

The forest has eyes!

Reminds me of a gnome hat!

One of these things is not like the others...

The small one looks sad to me

Pretty sure these are magic!


Growing in the gravel

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Don't judge now!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Loving the New Diggs in The Little RV

On Halloween we moved north to Olympia.  We found a lot to rent on a monthly basis at Lost Lake Resort.  This is a gated, ownership resort and so far we are really enjoying it here.  Everyone has been very friendly and helpful from the start. We have ample space to walk Grant and it is so quiet here.  Most of the owners seem to have followed the sun elsewhere.  
Our street in the park
Many of the lots here have been personalized to the owner's taste.  Some have park models or large roofed spaces for their RVs. Many have storage sheds on them. Landscaping varies but everything is log or natural wood with green tin roofs.  Some even have covered outdoor kitchens and lounge areas.  
Lots of outdoor living space here.
There are lots for sale in the resort.  In fact, the lot we are renting is for sale.  We are going to look around and see what is available because it would be nice to have our own place here in town when we come home.  When we're not home, we can rent our lot to help cover the costs. 

We are renting a lot that has not had any improvements since it was purchased so it's bare bones gravel with full hookups for $450 a month plus electricity.  We can't get a satellite signal because the resort is densely treed but we are able to purchase cable through the resort for only $10 a month. 

It is pretty wet here this time of the year so we put our dirt sifting rug out in hopes of keeping some of the mess from being tracked into the Little RV.  We also had a long run to the sewer outlet which is about 12" off the ground so we picked up a 10' piece of vinyl gutter for $6 to support the sewer hose and make it drain better.  

Here's an exciting bit of information.  If we need a propane refill we can just set out tank(s) by the road and one of the staff will take them, refill them and bring them back for us.  We can just go to the office and pay for the propane afterward.  To me, that's such a helpful service. 

And yes, there really is a lost lake but we found it.
So, we're all set until we head back to Eugene for more repairs which are scheduled for the 20th of November.  Then we'll return here for the rest of the year. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Little RV Prepares to Leave Oregon

Tomorrow we are heading north.  We've been here in the Portland area nearly 5 weeks now.  We were able to spend time with my daughter and her family and we welcomed our newest granddaughter. Clementine and her big brother Camden are pictured to the right. 
We really enjoyed some wonderful fall weather and got to know the area.  
Our last two weeks here were spent at Ainsworth State Park.  Ainsworth is a very green park with lots of trees and hiking trails.  Grant really enjoyed the trails.

We have located a lot in the Olympia, Washington area that we plan to rent for the remainder of the year so we can spend the holidays with family.  All three of us have medical and/or dental appointments coming up in November and December.  The price for the lot is reasonable and far less expensive than RV parks on a nightly or weekly basis.   It works out to $15 a night with full hookups. 

So, today we will say goodbye for now to the kids and get ready to go north in the morning. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Medical Mystery Potentially Solved in the Little RV

We've been desperate to figure out what is causing Grant to be sick and itchy.  His tummy has been upset and rumbling so badly we can hear it across the room.  He's been itching like crazy and scratching his head until it bleeds again.  It's awful for him but also frustrating for us.  

A couple of weeks ago after discovering his medication contained corn starch, I made many phone calls to find his prescription medication from a manufacturer who produces it without corn starch.  Grant is allergic to corn.  I found Costco carries two brands without corn starch and I purchased a new 60-day supply.  We replaced the old ones that had corn starch in them that day and started using the new ones.  

I recently learned that an ingredient in many medications and and some probiotics/enzyme products called cellulose is most often made out of corn or soy plants so I checked his new prescription for cellulose and discovered we had again been given a brand with corn starch.  I stopped giving him the medication and called Costco to arrange and exchange for the correct product which I picked up yesterday at no charge.  

On Friday morning Grant threw up and the only thing he had eaten was a chicken jerky treat.  He was itching terribly and making his head bleed again.  At my wits end I started digging up information.  

Grant has been eating the same dog treats for several years.  At the time we discovered his allergies they were the only ones he could have.  The treats are Dogswell brand Chicken Jerky.  To my horror I discovered they are made in China and, as you may have seen on the news, jerky treats made in China are responsible for over 600 deaths of dogs since January.  There are many brands of jerky treats made in China and some of those companies have voluntarily recalled their products but many are still available on the market.  

After reading multiple articles I learned the symptoms caused by these treats can be anything from skin irritation, hives, itching, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, kidney or liver failure and death. 

I'm disgusted that the food that we trust and pay so much for and that is touted as natural and healthy is killing our pets. The FDA cannot nail down the actual source of the problem so they are not recalling the products and they are still out there on the store shelves.  
Grant hasn't had anything to eat except freshly cooked chicken since Friday.  No treats, no medications, no probiotics and he seems much better.  He is still itching but not as badly and there has been no more vomiting. His other tummy symptoms are also improving but not completely resolved.  We're starting slowly with his food and will introduce things a little at a time to see if he reacts. I am hopeful we have finally found the source of his itching and perhaps even his digestive problems.  

Last night Grant was feeling well enough that he wanted to play ball.  Things are looking up!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yet Another Update on the Little RV's Holding Tank Problems

If you're new to our blog of just want a refresher (hahahah) you can read about our holding tank woes here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here and here.  The short story is we have been having problems with our holding tanks for nearly 18 months now and the only way to fix them is to install electric tank valves.  We have had several different repair shops attempt to fix them and/or replace them and all have failed. Currently our black and one gray tank will not completely close and leak continuously. 

Our current repair shop has sent an estimate to DRV  for the replacement of the valves with electric and DRV has denied the estimate stating it is too expensive.  This prompted me to write a heartfelt email to DRV letting them know how much it has cost us over the past 18 months to deal with these problems.  I also let them know that I has spoken with the Oregon Office of the Attorney General and was told that if the problem began and repairs were attempted during the warranty period DRV was obligated to continue to repair the problem.  
Their response was simply, "We are obligated to repair, not “ upgrade” , I have no problem replacing the valves if needed, if you choose to upgrade to electric, the upcharge will be at your expense."  

I was stunned.  Apparently they are willing to pay to have the valves changed out again (the third time) but not replace them with the electric type.  I wonder how much they are willing to spend on changing out the valves repeatedly for an indefinite period before they finally pay for the electric type?  

At what point do we give up and pay to get them installed ourselves?  Am I cutting my nose off despite my face?  I guess I'm not there yet.  To me there is a principal here and I'm feeling like they are just pushing back in hopes we will go away and they'll be off the hook.  

I have now filed a complaint with the AG's office.  Once again, we are waiting.  The repair shop is trying to get something worked out with DRV, some of our parts have still not arrived, and we are going to move up to Washington for medical appointments soon.  We have rescheduled our repairs for the week before Thanksgiving.  

I dream of leaving for warmer places after Christmas with a fully functioning RV.  Is that really so much to ask?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Clementine's Guardian Angel

Someone has been on my mind a tremendous amount of the time lately.  Her name was Judi and she was the best friend I ever had.  Judi was the most practical, down to earth, logical and reasonable person I have had the pleasure to meet.  We met at work over 30 years ago but became friends when several of us from the office went to Reno for a long weekend.  We clicked and were dear friends from then on.  I called her Judith and she called me Juliette.

 Not long after that trip Judi was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She beat it that time and went 12 years cancer free before it came back.
Judi and Grant, her last Christmas with us

When Rob and I met Judi and I were already friends and they hit it off as well.  Judi spent a lot of time with us.  She would come and spend weekends and we would do projects around the house.  Major projects like deck building.  We had no idea what we were doing but we figured it out as we went along.  I have some awesome memories from those times.  

Judi wasn't so lucky the second time she was diagnosed.  Although she fought it for several years, when the cancer began to spread we knew she would eventually lose the battle.  We had an agreement that when the time came she would come to our house for her last days.  Judi has two grown children and I am so grateful to them for allowing me to keep that promise. She's been gone for several years not but the impact she made on my life and on the lives everyone she met can't be measured.  I miss her every day.

Why has Judi been on my mind so much these days?  Our newest granddaughter Clementine, was born on her birthday, October 1st.  I'm pretty sure Clementine has a very special guardian angel. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Moving Day for the Little RV

We need a change of scenery and a less expensive place to park the Little RV.  Only 17 miles from our current location is Ainsworth State Park.  Yesterday we drove out to the park to see if we might like to move there.  It's a small park with full hookups. The price per night dropped on October 1st to just $16 per night.  Less than half of what we have been paying at the private park. The park closes for the season at the end of the month but there is a 14-day stay limit which coincidentally, will run out on the last day of the month. 

We're moving this morning after Rob gets up and we are finished buttoning up the Little RV.  I'm hoping for some beautiful fall photos for the blog later this week.

We had another rough day with Grant yesterday.  He had some pretty brutal tummy problems starting at 5am.  This led me to the decision to stop his commercial dog food and put him on home cooked  ground beef and quinoa.  He loved it and so far there have been no ill effects.  Bonus! Grant also rode in the truck for about an hour and did not have any itching or other reactions.  Guess those hours of cleaning the truck paid off. 

I finished another hat yesterday.  Clementine needed a pumpkin hat for her fall wardrobe. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Grant - The Saga Continues

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny Fall day.  Rob has been cooped up in the Little RV for so long he really needed to get out and get some air and a change of scenery.  So, we three got in the truck and started out on an adventure.  Before we even managed to get out of the RV park Grant had started scratching his face and was bleeding and crying. Back home we went!

We put Grant inside and gave him a Benadryl (with no soy or corn starch) and started emptying the truck of its contents.  Obviously whatever set the itching off was in the truck.  We removed his doggie hammock, blew the truck out with the air compressor, vacuumed and scrubbed every square inch with simple green.  The cleaning frenzy took three hours.  I'm washing the hammock and the rugs that go on top of the hammock.  Whatever it is, I hope we were able to obliterate it!

Grant has not scratched his face and head since we got him out of the truck.  He's pretty perky this morning. 

We think Rob will be ready to move by the end of the week.  We considered staying here a while longer but it's quite expensive.  The weekly rate is $260 and we are on week three already.  We can convert to a monthly rate but that requires a criminal background check, a credit check, and several application forms.  Oh, did I mention the background and credit checks cost $30 per person.  Come on!  It's a nice enough park but not that nice.  

Our repairs were scheduled to be done today but had to be cancelled because the parts are not at the repair shop yet. We have no idea when the parts for our repairs will arrive and when or if the valve replacement will be done but we would like it all done at the same time so we only have to move out once.  
We'd really like to make a trip somewhere warmer and sunnier but not too far away.  I have no idea where that is but I'm working on it.  Wherever we go we must have full hook-ups because our black tank valve seems to be leaking all the time now.  

Life is good even though we have ISSUES.  I'm sitting here in front of the fireplace in my chair and in my jammies, with my blanket and giant mug of coffee.  It's quiet and the fog is starting to burn off.  Grant is sleeping by my feet and I think I'll go see my grandkids today.