Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There's a Storm on the way to the Little RV and Rob Update #3

I finally got to bring Rob home from the hospital at 4pm on Christmas Eve.  That evening we spent a couple of hours in the house with family and friends.  We had a lovely dinner and watched the kids open their gifts.  We adults has gifts as well but watching the kids is so much fun.  
Christmas morning we woke up to snow.  It wasn't much but it was an exciting surprise.  We weren't expecting a white Christmas.

Meg and Alex were determined to take Amelia outside for a ride around the yard on the sled before the snow melted.  Rob was able to go out and watch and he got some great pictures

This evening I looked outside and it was dry and very cold.  About an hour later Rob opened the door and found about 2 inches of snow.  The weather forecast predicted snow and I prepared for it today by picking up groceries, filling the truck with diesel, and filling the propane tanks.  We don't need to go anywhere so let it snow.  

Update on our repairs.
I contacted our repair person, Eric a couple of days before Christmas.  The parts he requested a couple of weeks ago have not arrived. Today he attempted to contact DRV, the manufacturer, to see where the parts are.  I haven't heard anything yet.  Hopefully we'll have them soon.  I did get a 100 lb. propane tank today and had it filledWhile I was at the hardware store I tried to find the parts to hook the new tank into the RV propane system but was unsuccessful.  I contacted Eric who requested a couple of photosHe is getting a part and will help us get the tank set up so we can go longer than 3 days without having to fill a tank.  We have about 150 lbs. of propane and I am hoping that will last us until we leave for Florida.  Eric will also be installing a new regulator when he is here next.  We're hoping these repairs will be finished soon and Rob will be well enough to travel so we can continue with our travels. 

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