Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rob Update #2 and Icicles on the Little RV

I was hoping Rob could come home with me today so I got ready and headed to the hospital early.  His cardiologist came in around 1 pm and we talked about Rob's normal breathing and how far from being back to normal he really is.  The cardiologist decided to have the pulmonologist see him again. They may want to do some additional testing. Rob sent me packing around 2 pm because I had to get home and get the propane tank filled (AGAIN).

Tomorrow makes day six in the hospital for Rob and I have no idea if he will be home for Christmas.
Tomorrow is also Rob's birthday.  What a sad way to spend your birthday!

This morning I woke up to strong winds and snow.  We're talking RV rocking winds.  This evening there is snow on the ground and there are icicles on the little RV.  
I thought we were supposed to be in Florida right now.  Since the world didn't end yesterday with the Mayan calendar running out, I guess we'll get there eventually. 

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