Saturday, December 15, 2012

Puttin' the Quarantine Sign Back Up on the Little RV

Crud!  The crud is back.  Rob has some kind of gnarly upper respiratory thing going on.  It's quite similar to the bug little Amelia had last week.  He's on day three or four.  So far, I have dodged the bullet.  

All this quiet time has allowed me to get some things done.  I've been battling with our printer for a couple of weeks.  We upgraded to Windows 8 and then our printer refused to cooperate.  I got it working (yay) so I've written and printed my Christmas letter and printed my mailing labels.  I also finished a bunch of crocheting, and put together and hung a board to hold my jewelry so I can see it but it won't get all tangled up while we're moving.   

Grant update:  The raw food didn't work out.  He loved it but after about 10 days he started throwing up about half way through his meal.  Very strange but we don't need another food problem so we went back to cooked chicken. You can read about Grant's medical issues here.  

I spent hours searching the internet for some kind of prepared dog food that didn't contain any of the foods he is allergic to and found exactly two.  One food turned out to be very hard to find and with us moving around the way we do, I was worried we would run out and not be able to find more.  The other is a prescription diet.  I was able to get a prescription from our vet and purchase the food at PetSmart.  This food should be fairly easy to get no matter where we are.  Grant loves it and we are slowly switching him over.  However, it is ridiculously expensive!  Oh well, what's a doggie mom to do?



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