Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Murder in the Little RV

Rob and I ran some errands yesterday including a trip to the grocery store.  When we go to the grocery store together we always end up splitting up and then Rob appears later with something unexpected.  Yesterday's surprise?  A bouquet of red roses and two LIVE Maine lobsters.  My first reaction to the lobsters  was "They're alive?"  My second was "I don't have a pot big enough to cook them." 

I attempted to put the live part out of my mind but all I could think of was the scene from one of my favorite movies, Julie and Julia where Julie has to cook 3 live lobsters.  I have linked the scene so you can fully appreciate what was going on in my head.  

I rustled up a large pot from the kids and pulled the lobsters out of the fridge.  I had been secretly hoping they had died in the fridge but no, they were still moving.  See the big pot of boiling water in the background?
I'm convinced I could see terror in his eyes.  When it came right down to it, I had to get Rob to put them in the pot.  I have rarely seen him laugh so hard.  Apparently I was quite funny and he was rolling with laughter.  To add to my trauma, the pot was only big enough for one lobster at a time. I was determined to suck it up and plunge the second lobster head first into the boiling water.  I couldn't do it.  
I had 12 minutes each time to get over my trauma.  Those lobsters were certainly tasty.  Thanks Mr. T.  I'm glad I can count on you to kill food for me.

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