Monday, December 10, 2012

A Busy Week in the Little RV and a Visit to Providence, RI

Rob started his life in Providence, RI.  He has roots and many memories there.  His father and other family members are buried in and around Providence.  One of the things we wanted to do while in this part of the country is visit his father's grave. This week we also learned that a family member has just had a very serious medical diagnosis.  We are waiting for more information but Rob wanted to go to the church he attended as a child and light candles for his family members. 

We drove from Connecticut where we are visiting, up into Massachusetts and down into Rhode Island.  The route sounds a bit out of the way but the roads are like spaghetti here.  It only took us about an hour and a half to get there as the states here are so small.  This is one of the buildings we saw on the way home.  It caught my attention so I had to take a picture.

We visited the cemetery where his father is buried.   It's a beautiful place surrounded by woods.  We placed a wreath on his headstone and said a prayer. 

Since it was so quiet there we decided to let Grant out for a run around the green space around the cemetery.  It only took a split second but Grant was gone.  If you know Grant, you know he never leaves our sight...ever!  We called and called for him and finally I headed in the direction of the road noise I was hearing.  I got as far as I could go without jumping off the 6 foot rock wall.  I fully expected to find that Grant has been hit by a car but there he was in the grass below the rock wall trying desperately to jump up to me.  I called for Rob to drive around to the road Grant and I were near and a kind neighbor helped Grant into the truck. I was so relieved to have him safe in the truck!  He was terrified and stuck close for quite a while.  Bullet dodged, lesson learned!

Rob and his family are Armenian.  They attended a couple of different Armenian churches in Providence over the years. We went to  Sts. Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church. You can see it from the freeway.  We went inside and a nice woman took us to the sanctuary.  It was dark outside so she turned on the lights for us.  The church is old and very pretty.  
The lady who let us in told us that the amazing Swarovski chandelier in the center of the sanctuary had been donated by a church member. 
After visiting the church we headed back home.  That was a long and very stressful day but today we heard the news about our family member that we had been praying for.  It's the best possible news!  

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