Thursday, November 1, 2012

What was I Thinking? - Fantasy vs Reality in the Little RV

Apparently I had a severe lack of "think it through" when I was preparing for my new life in the Little RV.  As time goes by I realize somewhere in the back of my I thought I would always be in a warm, sunny place where I'd never need warm clothes or shoes.  Flip flops would make up the majority of my shoe wardrobe and warm jammies would never be necessary.  

My first hint that I had misjudged my new life was in South Dakota and with the wind chill it was 27 degrees outside and a dog who needed to go outside.

There have been other hints along the way as well.  BUT... here we are in Connecticut in November and I'm cold.  In fact, I'm cold at least half of the time.  We have a brand new set of flannel sheets on the bed.  I've even been sleeping under an extra blanket folded in half.  I guess that's two extra blankets.  I won't mention the fact that when I woke up freezing this morning my extra, folded in half blanket was mysteriously covering Mr. T.  I can't imagine how that happened.  

Since we are still moochdocking, (Many thanks to Meg and Alex) I will point out that we are using caution with the amount of electricity we are using at any one time so as not to blow the breaker repeatedly.  I'm sure we'll get this figured out but really, what was I thinking?

Other fantasy's that were clearly swirling in my tiny brain were an immediate weight loss of 30 lbs or so, tons of leisure time to enjoy all of the books I could devour, a perfectly organized home where everything is at my fingertips, AND last but not least, a completely stress free life.  

The reality is that I may have lost 5 lbs but I'm pretty sure I found them again.  On the marathon trip we have been on, I have had very little time to read.  In fact the most reading I have been able to do was when we were in the hotel in Rapid City waiting for the RV repairs to be completed.  What a stress free time that was.  As for a perfectly organized home, HA!, I'm lucky to find anything in short order.  There have been time when I have been up at 3:00 am looking for some urgently needed item and spent more than an hour looking only to come up empty-handed.  You can open my cabinets and see bins with labels on them but it's all a clever hoax I seem to have played on myself.  

What do I miss from my old life? I miss my family and friends, never-ending hot showers, not thinking about where body waste goes, and being warm.  

Would I do it all over again?  Absolutely and without question.  I really don't miss my house.  I certainly don't miss my previous job and good or bad, every day is an adventure (and a learning experience).

Life is good 

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