Friday, November 9, 2012

Waiting for Locusts in the Little RV

Now that we have successfully survived a hurricane turned "super storm" and my first Nor'easter, and the election cycle, we are preparing for what we naturally assume will be next; the proverbial plague of locusts.  We have two weeks left until we plan to leave New England and head for warmer pastures.  The way the weather has been, it has crossed our minds that we may get snowed in until spring and while this is definitely not what I had in mind it does offer plenty of fodder for the blog. 

The Nor'easter brought some cold wind gusts and about 6 inches of snow.  

Our area was lucky.  The areas around the coast where the Hurricane Sandy did the most damage got much worse.  Many of them lost their power again after just having it back for a few hours. 

Today it's a beautiful day, about 40 degrees and sunny with blue skies.  Grant and Lucy are playing in the snow together (I'm still amazed by that). 

I'll be giving crochet lessons this weekend.  Rob and I want to do our Christmas shopping for our three grandchildren who live here and have it all wrapped and ready to leave behind when we go.  No shipping costs that way!

We are also expecting some of the diagnostic and repair work to begin on the Little RV tomorrow.  That is very exciting.  Hopefully it'll be complete when we plan to leave.  

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