Monday, November 5, 2012

The Little RV is WARM and an Update on our Plumbing Issues and an Update on Grant

Because we are brand new to RVing, we are on a steep uphill bit of a learning curve. It doesn't help that we have a 5th wheel with many, many bells and whistles to figure out.  One of the things we have been trying to figure out is how to make the furnace work correctly and without blowing cold air from the AC unit overhead.  Yesterday Rob figured it out and we're warm.  In fact we actually had to adjust the thermostat down during the night because we were too warm.  Way to go Rob!

Friday evening the RV repair man came to look at our pluming problems.  It seems we need a new water pump, our black tank valve is not functioning correctly and our holding tank level indicators are not functioning properly.  There are several other little things to be addressed as well.  He was very knowledgeable and even checked our roof out to see if the replacement was up to snuff.  It passed with flying colors.  He said the guy really knew what he was doing.  What a relief it is to know that the roof was done properly. These days you just don't know if things will be done properly.  Thank you Donny at I-90 Superstore in Rapid City, South Dakota!

Last but not least, an update on GrantYou may remember reading about our neurotic dog, Grant.
I'm happy to report that Grant is starting to loosen up a bit.  He has met so many new people and been to so many new places and each new experience seems to help him get past his fear a tiny, little bit at a time.  As you probably know, we are moochdocking in Rob's oldest daughter's driveway.  Lucy lives here too.  Lucy is a lab, pit bull mix and a wonderful dog.  Over the past two weeks Grant and Lucy have developed a rerelationship.  It started with lots of barking on Grant's part (and a bit on Lucy's too) but when they discovered their mutual love of playing ball, all bets were off.  To show you how far Grant has come I'll add a photo I took yesterday.   Lucy came to the door of the Little RV yesterday morning and asked to come in and play.  This was the result. 
This is Grant on the left and Lucy on the right.  Both of them are chewing on Grant's bones. 

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