Saturday, November 24, 2012

Taking Down the Quarantine Sign from the Little RV

I think today we are well enough to take the quarantine sign off the door of the little RV.  We certainly won't be doing any hard labor but if someone were to come by, I think I'd actually let them come inside. 

Yesterday, Rob felt improved enough to go out and get me some chicken soup and flowers.  What a guy! We also watched the Apple Cup from 3000 miles away and the WSU Cougs won.  Go Cougs!

After much discussion we have decided to stay here in New England through Christmas.  We are still in the midst of our repairs.  Who am I kidding, the parts are still "in the mail".   We have been wholeheartedly welcomed to continue moochdocking in the driveway.  An offer we cannot refuse.  My only concern is that we'll end up snowed in for the duration and never get to warm and sunny Florida.  I suppose that wouldn't be the end of the world.  At this point I just needed to know where we'd be spending our first Christmas in the Little RV. 

Should be interesting!



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