Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feeling Kinda Dumb (But Well Fed) in the Little RV

I'm not complaining but, why is everything so difficult (or difficult to figure out) in an RV?  For example, when I want to use the stove have to clear off the counter and remove the covers on the stove.  Then I have to move 15 things in the cabinet in order to find the pan I need and don't forget to put the 15 things back or the counter is completely covered and unusable.  Things that were one or two steps in our house are 5 or 10 steps here.  This is generally fine but when you experience this multiple times in one day it can get frustrating.  Perhaps I need to get rid of more stuff?

Yesterday we greeted the morning with no heat again.  The Little RV consumed 40 lbs. of propane in 72 hours.  It's been cold here but wow... that's a lot of propane.  We switched over to the other tank and got warm. Time to get the tank refilled.  I was also in need of some bulbs for one of the pendent lights over the kitchen island.  Rob and I spend nearly a half hour trying to get the dead bulb out of the fixture to no avail.  We even consulted the RV manual only to find nothing of assistance.(This is a common occurrence.)  I finally got one out of another light to take along so I could find a replacement or four.  There was also another type of replacement bulb we needed.  After getting all fluffed up and ready to go out we headed to the hardware store.  

At the hardware store I located the bulbs and found one of the types I needed.  I have mentioned before that I am somewhat undertall.  The bulb I needed was at the very top of the display.  I was able to get the one in front but the rest were just out of reach so I went in search of help.  I found two employees working together to assist another customer and asked one of them for help.  Apparently this hardware store uses the buddy system because when they finished helping the other customer they both came to help me. 

After they got the rest of the bulbs down, I asked them where I might find the bulb from above the kitchen sink.  As it turned out, it was an automotive bulb so I needed a parts store.  

We ran a couple of other errands and then stopped at the parts store and got our other bulbs and then headed home.  Unfortunately, the bulb is still out because we can't get the old one out of the fixture.  The glass cover is so small Rob can't get his hand inside and I can only get one hand in there.  I'll make another attempt today.  

Later in the afternoon I was thumbing through the RV manual and found a section on the tank heaters.  We knew there were tank heaters for the holding tanks under the RV but we didn't know that they weren't a part of the overall heating system.  They have to be turned on separately when you expect freezing temperatures.  We've been very lucky because we have has a lot of freezing temperatures in the last few weeks.   

We are so unfamiliar with RVing that even though we have read the manual on more than one occasion, we haven't understood enough about this beast to know what we should and shouldn't do in specific situations.  There is clearly so much we don't know.  The trouble is we don't know that we don't know.  How do you fix that?  
On a brighter note, we had a wonderful dinner last night with new family we are getting to know while we are here.  Meghan, Alex (our son-in-law), Amelia, Rob and I had dinner with Alex's Mom, Judy and the love of her life, David.  The opened their lovely home to us and even catered to our crazy dietary needs.  We look forward to spending more time getting to know then.  

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