Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Snowy Day in the Little RV and Updates

I love snow and today has been a beautiful, snowy day in New England.  Early on the flakes were very small but as the day went on they became much larger.  The type that swirls as it falls.

I knew it was going to be a busy day so after the septic truck came and pumped our black tank, I headed to the grocery store.  I wanted to make a hearty, spicy chicken taco soup.  Just the ticket on a cold, snowy day.  While I was at the store, our RV repairman (Eric) called and said he'd be earlier than we expected him.  Who can complain about a repairman arriving early?  Not me!!  

Just over a week ago Eric ordered parts to repair the Little RV.  Since we are still under warranty, the parts were shipped from the factory to the repairman.  The parts arrived yesterday.  

The black tank has continued to leak despite previous attempts to repair it.  New valve in hand the repairs commenced.  We are now leak free and have a new water pump.  Unfortunately some of the other parts they sent were incorrect and not even meant for this model.  Eric will have to reorder those parts and I imagine we'll wait at least a week before they arrive.  Luckily these are nuisance items and nothing that makes life too difficult.  

Now we're just gearing up for the holidays.  I have gifts to ship, cards to prepare, a bit of shopping to do and some decorating.  This will be our first Christmas in the Little RV so it's my first experience decorating it for Christmas.  I think it will be a case of less is more.


  1. Rob, Juley, and Grant . . . Thank you for putting my blog on your list. I'm impressed with your blog... everything from the title (cute!), the header and background, the graphics, and the writing. You're doing a great job!

    Thanks again, Sue

    1. Thanks so much Sue. That means a lot coming from you. We read you blog every day and Rob and I often ask, "did you see RV Sue's blog today?" It's a fun way to keep connected to everyone back at home. I'll keep at it! Glad you found Spike today!

  2. Juley - I love reading about your adventures in your "little" RV. It's so much fun experiencing this journey with you. Happy holiday's. Hugs!


  3. How nice to know you are following along with us. I was just realizing that I hadn't posted for a while so I'm doing a teaser post and then will do a longer one about decorating for Christmas. I see your beautiful grandkids on FB all the time. You're a lucky woman. Still look just like you did in high school.