Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update on Our repairs and the Saga of Grant Continues

This afternoon we swung by the RV repair shop to grab some things we forgot when we moved out yesterday.  They discovered today that the air conditioning unit that needs to be replaced is a new model for 2013 and is not widely available.  They had to order one directly from the manufacturer.  The insurance adjuster says they expect it on Tuesday but the repair people seemed to think it might be here sooner.  Either way, it's looking like we'll be here for several additional days.  

I'm taking advantage of the additional time to have our mail sent to us and get a couple of things we need ordered and shipped.  Might as well use the time wisely.  

Grant is not pleased about the delay. 

For some reason he is very uncomfortable here in the hotel.  It's almost like he is afraid of something here.  He won't or can't relax at all.  I really feel bad for him.  Last week after talking to his vet about his continued itching we started him on a small dose of Zyrtec.  I wondered if that might have something to do with his discomfort so I didn't give him one this evening.  I'm curious to see if he is better tomorrow or if he'll just be really itchy again.  The Zyrtec is working for the itching so I hope that's not the problem.  Poor guy, he's a puzzle that is never completed.  

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