Thursday, October 4, 2012

New RV Related Apps for my Android System Phone

I'm continually amazed at the applications I find for my android based cell phone that make RV-ing easier.  Here are some of the new apps that can be found on my phone these days. 

Compass - Free

We use satellite for television and it needs a Southern exposure for best results.  I found and downloaded a free app called Compass that works beautifully. 

Allstays Camp and RV Campgrounds Plus $9.99

This app helps us find different types of campgrounds like private, State,  Federal, etc.  We also use it to find restaurants, coffee and more. 

Get Altitude - Free

Rob's breathing is sensitive to the altitude.  I found this app when he was having a particularly hard time breathing.  If your location is turned on, it pinpoints your location and tells you the altitude of your location.  

Coffee Finder - Free

Because sometimes you just need a latte'.

Sanidumps RV Dump Station Lite

I'll confess I don't have this one on my phone because Allstays gives me the same information but it is available and free.

There's an app for EVERYTHING!

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