Sunday, October 28, 2012

Learning to Boondock in the Little RV - with Training Wheels

Last Monday when we arrived in Connecticut, we ended up parking in Rob's daughter's driveway.  We've been using their power and some water.  I'm calling this moochdocking.  I'm sure you've heard that there is a major hurricane coming to our neck of the woods.  Her name is Sandy and we're in the red zone on the weather maps.  Knowing Sandy was likely to come our way, we started figuring out how to be as self-contained as possible.  

Today we, along with Alex, our son-in-law hooked up the RV and took it to the closest rest area to dump the tanks.  I think he found the whole thing pretty interesting.  It's an experience, that's for sure.   The we brought her back and got her parked and set back up.  I'll spare you the gory details.

We have a 100 gallon fresh water tank, a 45 gallon black (body waste) tank and two 45 gallon gray water tanks.  Gray water is from the shower or washing dishes or laundry.  We also have a propane powered generator and 2-40 lb. tanks of propane to heat and cook with.  

Basically, we've been learning to boondock here in the driveway but if we need water or whatever, it's right here.  Like training wheels.  It's been interesting to say the least.  When we first plugged in we were blowing their breaker several times a day.  Once in the middle of the night the breaker blew and we have no idea why.  I know they have enjoyed all of the times I sent a text message asking them to flip the breaker back on.  Friday we finally went and purchased an extra long, extra heavy duty extension cord and plugged it in to a seldom used circuit.   Much better!  

One thing we are learning is to stop and think about what is running before we turn anything else on.  My hair dryer is death on all things electric.  As it turns out it's 1875 watts.  Way too  much for the generator.  I have purchased a wimpier hair dryer which should arrive soon.  As a general rule of thumb, we find that anything that produces heat needs to be used separately.

We know how to start and use the generator and how to reset the breakers on it if necessary.  We have filled our fresh water tank and emptied all the others, we have groceries and full propane tanks.   We're as ready as we can be.  Hope Sandy spares us.

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