Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Really? Can the Little RV Survive a Hurricane?

If you've been following our blog you know that we have had some trials in our new lifestyle.  If not, there was the semi-truck tire in the road incident, repair failure incident, the refrigerator failure incident, the crushed truck bed incident, the Devil's Tower roof incident, and as you would expect there were other incidents that didn't make the blog.  

But a hurricane, really?  

We're in New England visiting Rob's family.  In desperate need of a haircut, my step-daughter, here little one and I went in search of new do for me.  Chatty, as beauticians tend to be, I was informed that we are expecting a hurricane next week.  It seems as time goes by they are more and more certain it will make landfall in New York. Of course things are bound to change by next week but the possibility of a hurricane with 60 to 80 mile an hour winds sounds a bit frightening.  Will the little RV blow over?  Will trees will fall on the little RV?  Are we safer where we are in the middle of the houses with the trees or should we be out in the open without wind breaks?  So many questions!!

On the up side, we are parked on an asphalt driveway.  There are large houses surrounding the little RV.  That should help with the wind and rain.  We have full propane tanks, a generator and a full tank of water.  We can heat and cook with our propane.  We're really better off than most.  Let's just hope the whole thing blows out to see.

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