Saturday, October 20, 2012

Down Time in the Little RV

Today we are staying put.  We're both tired.  It just takes one of us longer to realize how tired we are.  We're in New York State.  I've never been here before.  I'm really enjoying the scenery and the rest areas.  Seriously the coolest rest areas I've ever seen.

The rest areas on the toll road in Ohio were nice.  They had full services like fuel and fast food and even Starbucks.  But the New York rest area we stopped had class. The one in the photo above had a rose garden and even a huge lake to look at.  Nice!

The town we are staying in is Cuba.  Ha, who'd a thought?  When we got here yesterday we set up and I had to make a grocery run.  Of course I had to drive through Cuba and see the sights.  It's a quaint little town with beautiful old building and homes.  

Not the best shot but it was all I could accomplish with my cell phone while driving.  

I'm sure we'll be out and about later today and perhaps we'll have more photos for you.


  1. I almost forgot to come back and post this note after reading through your blog this summer. I was born in Cuba and lived there for 6 years before moving to Tucson, AZ. I always get a kick out of telling people I was born in Cuba ... (long pause) ... New York!! It was so fun reading about your visit to my little home town. I don't know if you stopped into the Cuba Cheese Shoppe, but they make the best cheese in all the world.

    1. That's so funny Donna, I liked the little town and I definitely did go to the cheese shop. I remember buying Amish egg noodles there as well. They were almost as good as the cheese. I never even knew there was a Cuba, New York.