Friday, October 19, 2012

Closed for the Season! Where to Park the Little RV?

Our day started in Indiana where it was raining.  We hitched up and took the RV to the shop for some warranty work.  Thinking we'd have a whole day to kill we drove to South Bend.  We drove around the area looking at the beautiful old homes and found the College Football Hall of Fame.  Knowing my son-in-law would be insanely jealous, I messaged him this picture.  

We also drove through and around the campus of Notre Dame.  It is amazingly beautiful.   My camera photos don't do it justice.  

It seems we are out of sync with the rest of humanity.  Winter is coming and most of the RV parks are closed or about to close for the season.  We really had to scramble to find a park this evening.  We are right on the shores of Lake Erie in the far northeast corner of Ohio.  I've never seen the lake and really, it's so vast, it looks more like the ocean.

The park we're in has shut off the water for winter.  They actually close at the end of the month.  We still haven't decided whether to move on today or not.  If we don't we'll need to get more water because we're running low.  If we do move on, I'm going to find a place to camp early on so we don't end up in a pickle like yesterday. 

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