Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where Does the Refrigerator Plug In?

We arrived in Missoula, Montana yesterday in the late afternoon.  We are staying at Jim and Mary's RV park.  We got checked in and parked in our site, hooked up our utilities and started setting things up inside.  I wanted to make sure the refrigerator was on right away so it could start getting back to temperature.  I pushed the on/off button and got an error message, E0.  Oh no!  I tried several times thinking perhaps it was on the propane setting.  Nothing worked.  I got the RV Manual File Box out and located the fridge manual.  The trouble shooting section said to check to make sure the fridge was plugged in.  That brought up an interesting question. Where does the refrigerator plug in?  I climbed up to look in the cabinet above the fridge, nothing.  I got on the floor and removed the drawer under the fridge to look, nothing.  I looked in the cabinet next to the fridge, nothing.  What to do?  

Rob was on the floor checking the fuses and breakers but all looked just fine.  In the meantime I called the RV dealership where we purchased the RV, hoping I could get a technician on the line.  Success!  

Just in case you ever need to know, the refrigerator plugs in OUTSIDE the RV.  There is a refrigerator access panel on the outside wall behind the refrigerator.

Of course the technician was not a lot of help other than telling me how to find the outlet.  The refrigerator was firmly plugged in.  However, we did check all of the connections in the panel and Rob suggested that we unplug the fridge for a bit and then plug it back in to see if it would reset itself.  
It worked and we are back in business.  Go Rob!! All systems are currently functioning properly to the best of our knowledge. 

I have two lingering questions.  Why did this happen in the first place and why didn't the fridge switch to propane automatically like it is supposed to? 

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