Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adapting to Mother Nature

We've been so busy the last couple of days visiting with our family here in Spokane and getting settled in.  The climate is just different in this part of the state.  One thing we've noticed the last couple of days is the smell of smoke and a haze in the air.  The sunsets are quite beautiful but the cause is so unfortunate for those impacted by the fires to the west of us.

It's cold this morning, 29 degrees to be exact.  When I got up I checked the thermometer.  48 degrees inside the RV.  Burrrr!  I turned on the fireplace, got dressed and took Grant out.  As I write this, I am sitting in my chair, under a blanket, in front of the fireplace drinking coffee.  The temperature is up to 56 degrees inside.  We really have to learn to better regulate the temperature in here and fast!  Rob's oxygen machine puts out a lot of heat so we try to compensate for that but last night we clearly missed the mark.

Today is our last day in Spokane.   This is kind of silly but I am really looking forward to filling in some of the states on our map of places visited with the RV.  Tomorrow we leave for Montana where I grew up.  I imagine the overnight temperatures there are going to be rather chilly too.  I'll have to remember to set the heat to come on when we get down a certain temperature.

I really need a couple of days to get organized.  Perhaps a couple of months would be more appropriate.  

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