Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"The Crusher" Our Version of "How Not to RV"

Several months ago I read a book called "How Not to RV" by Jennifer Flower Ph.D.  The book included many mistakes the author made while learning the RV ropes.  Today we had our own how not to RV moment.  This morning we hitched up the RV and got ready to take off.  When Rob started to pull out of our campsite, there was the most awful sound. The pin had pulled out of the hitch and the 5th wheel had fallen onto the bed of the truck.   I didn't think to take any photos of the RV sitting on the truck so you'll have to use your imagination.   

This is what the tailgate looked like after we raised the landing gear on the RV.  

Unfortunately, there was more damage.  Both side rails of the truck bed are pretty banged up too. 
We re-hitched the truck correctly and headed to Kalispell thinking we might stop at the Ford dealer to make sure the truck was safe to drive but there was no way to pull our 50 foot length into the parking lot.  During the drive we finally settled on a name for the 5th wheel.  We'll call her "The Crusher".

We continued on to the RV Dealer a few miles down the road. In case you don't know, the 5th wheel can't be hitched or unhitched without putting the tailgate down so we had to do something.  The service guy came out to take a look and sent us OHS' Body Shop a few more miles down the same road.  OHS' was awesome.  They came out and took the now useless tailgate off.  It was damaged beyond repair so they offered to discard it for us.  They would not accept any payment for their help. I would do business there again but I hope I never have to.  

And we were off to southern Montana.  It was a long drive but this evening we set-up camp in Ennis, Montana.  We are near several ghost towns, great fishing and not far from Yellowstone National Park.  I think we'll stay for a few days. Hopefully tomorrow's post will be happier!

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