Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quiet Morning Relaxing

I'm sitting here in my cozy chair drinking a cup of coffee.  Rob is sleeping and so is Grant.  The windows are open and there is a nice cooling breeze coming through.  A few minutes ago there was a loud thunder clap and it's been sprinkling a bit here and there.   This is what all of the hard work of the last few months was for.  It's so nice to sit here and not be plagued by a million thoughts of things I have to get done. 

I'm spending the day with my daughter and grandson.  There are some things I need to find for our new home.  We have an amazingly large shower for an RV but the rest of the bathroom is very small.  I need some way to hang our towels so we can reach them from the shower but still keep them out of way the rest of the day.  Apparently that is a tall order because I'm not having much luck.  I also need a very narrow end table.  And of course a million other things.   

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