Friday, September 28, 2012

Killing Time

So here we are killing time in Rapid City, South Dakota.  We are supposed have a visit this morning from the insurance adjuster. Our RV goes into the shop for repairs on Monday morning at 8.  We'll be moving into a hotel for the week.  Fingers crossed, the RV will be finished on Friday.  We haven't even discussed where we are heading after we leave here.  

The weather forecast here called for thunder storms yesterday and we have holes in the membrane of our roof so quick action was in order.  EVERYONE assured me that it wouldn't rain and hadn't for months.  I responded by letting them know that if those holes didn't get covered, it would rain.   

According to the internet, the best way to patch them temporarily is Gorilla Tape.  Walmart carries Gorilla Tape and I needed groceries.  

After a successful trip to town I came back and attempted to find someone to climb up on the roof to apply the tape.  I started in the office where they called out an elderly man who said he couldn't climb onto the roof because he was too old.  The office lady said she was thinking "Terry" might do that for me.  

I went to the RV and unloaded the groceries.  After 45 minutes or so, several older (some very old) people in orange shirts and driving golf carts came to the RV. Terry was about Rob's age and climbed up to attack the damage with the giant roll of tape.  Before he went up, I asked him if he wanted a rag to wipe the spots first and he said, "No, this stuff will stick to anything".

It didn't rain but I'm sure it was only because we got those holes covered.  Thanks Terry!

We'll have several days to play tourist this coming week so hopefully the blog will be a bit more uplifting.  


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