Friday, September 14, 2012

In Montana by a Beautiful River, Could There be a More Perfect Place?

This morning we headed north to the Glacier National Park area.  We are camped in a small park near the Flathead River.  We are literally no more than 150 feet from this
Flathead River, Montana

The park is very quiet and mostly shady with a good amount of trees.  The park attendant allowed us to choose our space. BONUS! We paid for four nights  but if we decide to stay longer there is space available.  Off season camping has its perks. We aren't able to get a satellite signal here but they provide cable so we won't be having any TV withdrawals this week.  

This evening we drove into Glacier Park to see if we could get some pretty sunset photos. It's really hazy this evening from the fires.  
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
 We were hoping we would get away from the smoke up here but apparently not.  

Rob wants to do some fly fishing tomorrow but we don't have any specific plans other than that.  At some point tomorrow we need groceries.  We can't escape real life even in our little RV.

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