Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Damage Assessment Complete

This morning we decided to pack up and drive to Rapid City, SD to have the damage to the roof of the RV assessed and arrange for repairs.  We arrived at the service center around 3 pm and had to wait for a while to have them take a look.  

As it turns out, we need to have the entire roof membrane replaced which means removing everything from the roof (antenna, two air conditioners, various vents, the shower sky light, etc.)  and then removing the damaged membrane and replace it.  The roof membrane is a solid outer layer that has no seams and keeps the roof from leaking. We also need a new rear air conditioner, a new cover for that AC, a new shower sky light, some cosmetic work, new decals on the side and a lot of buffing to remove the scratches.  They said it would take about 5 days to do the repairs.  We'll need to be in a hotel for that time.  

I haven't talked to the adjuster yet so I don't know when we can have the work started but I should know tomorrow.  

I have to say the people at the repair place were absolutely wonderful.  They even went as far as contacting a local RV park owner and got us a free stay for a few days until they are ready to start the work.  Of course, we only have to sit through a 90 minute presentation in order to get the free stay.  I can deal with that for a free few days in a very nice RV park.  

We're looking forward to a few days of down time because we are both beat.

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