Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today I changed our reservations for the RV parks we plan to stay at over the first week of our trip.  We have changed our departure date to Saturday to give us a couple of extra days to finish up around our house.  

We had Rob's last Dr. appointment and picked up some meds for Rob and Grant.  We purchased and picked up our new double recliner.  The chairs that came with the RV were just not comfortable for us.  My dad helped with the furniture and then we loaded up all of Rob's lumber so he could take it home and make amazing things with it.  By the time we got all of that done it's was 3:00.  

Tomorrow Rob has to take the truck to the shop for a repair.  We keep loosing the satellite signal.  Of course, the first time he took it in they "couldn't duplicate the problem".  Now they have decided it's the satellite antenna and are going to replace it.  Another reason we are delaying our departure.  Since I don't actually have to go anywhere tomorrow, my goal is to finish moving our things into the RV and get the house cleaned up. 

Friday will be used to finish up all of the last minute things and Saturday, away we go! 


  1. Gonna miss you guys and Thanks for every thing.

    We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I will miss you so much. I'm sad you're leaving but knowing you are living your dream far outweighs my heavy heart. I love easy....

  3. Awww.. Thanks to both of you! I don't think it has sunk in yet but we are on our way. We'll see you before you know it.
    We love you all.