Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching Up

After all the excitement yesterday I forgot to share a few pictures with you.  While we were in Kalispell, we stopped in one of the lakeside towns.  I was walking near the docks to take some photos and noticed something in the water.  MONEY!  For a quick second I considered attempting to fish it out but I came to my senses and moved on.

The boys waiting for me in the truck.

We're going to stay put for a few days here in Ennis.  It's a beautiful place, the campground is great and Rob can get in some fishing.  This is one of THE great fishing spot in the country.   This afternoon we went out and scouted for a good fishing spot and found this place;
I'm thinking a good book, a picnic lunch and a blanket.  For Grant and I that is.  Rob will be fishing but we'll share when he is ready. 

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