Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ghost Towns, Fishing and Chasing Antelope

A few days ago I called our mail forwarding service to have our mail sent here to the RV park.  I thought it would arrive yesterday and we had planned to leave today but our mail is still on its way.  The park we are staying at has a stay 6 nights and get the 7th free so we are going to take advantage of that and will leave here on Tuesday morning.  Rob could really use some rest and I plan to work on a few domestic things. 

Yesterday planned ahead and packed some drinks and a lunch and went to photograph some of the ghost towns that are only about 15 miles from here.  Virginia City and Nevada City are old gold mining towns that have been preserved.  Virginia City has quite a few residents. 
Don't park your car at the end of this gutter.

Outlaw's Cafe in Virginia City

Nevada City, MT

After we perused the ghost towns, we drove to some of the fishing spots we checked out the other day.  We actually continued on to find another one that was quite remote. We found a quiet spot with a picnic table, some shade and an easily accessible spot to wade into the river.  Rob did some fishing and I did some business. Specifically, reporting our mishap to the insurance company.  Grant spent his time making sure we were both fine because we were about 50 feet apart through some heavy brush and he couldn't see us both at the same time.  That is completely unacceptable in his book.  

The altitude here is about 5000 feet and that makes it harder for Rob to breathes so he gets winded and tired much faster.  There is still a lot of smoke in the air and we can't see the mountains surrounding us.  

In the evening I took Grant out to take care of business and discovered a small heard of antelope in the field about 50 feet from the park.  
 It didn't take long for Grant to discover them.  He started barking and chasing them away from the park.  Fortunately he stopped before he got too far away.  Glad it wasn't a buffalo or a bear.  He'd have been a snack. 

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