Saturday, August 4, 2012

We All Survived!

Today I learned to drive our new rig.  What an ordeal it is to get everything ready to go in the 5th wheel, unhook everything, hook up to the truck, and take off.  I'm sure it'll be come a quick and easy process but today it took a while.  

My Dad used to be a truck driver so I asked him to come over to give me a lesson.  Rob drove out of our neighborhood and into town.  We went to a big school parking lot and then it was my turn.  There were lots of little tree filled islands in the parking lot so I had obstacles to drive around. I did a little backing up and a little of this and a little of that. I actually think I did pretty well.  Then we decided to hit the freeway.  Driving through town was a bit scarey but I held it together and got us onto the freeway without loss of life and limb. 

Once on the freeway I discovered the lanes are a bit wider.  That was a welcome relief.  Dad was great...very patient and calm.  Rob played with his phone because I told him to keep quiet asked him to let Dad do the talking. 

We went a few a few exits south and then took the back way to the house. I knew going the back way I'd have to navigate a road construction area but I managed to get through without running over any barrels, cones or flaggers. Then came the big test, backing into the driveway.  That was a bit daunting. I only had one fairly average sized meltdown.  When we got to the house, Dad and Rob got out.  Dad to direct me and Rob probably for the sake of his own personal safety.  

Then I started to get a bit rattled. For some reason Rob let our dog out.  Every time I looked in a mirror my dog was somewhere different and near the wheels.  I told Dad, who said "he'll get out of the way".  Then we proceeded to go forward and back...forward and back a million times without making much progress.  Dad was talking to me, Rob was motioning and pointing from the back, Grant (the dog) was running around and that was when I lost it.  We all managed to get back on the same page and I pulled it together and we got the 5th wheel parked in the driveway and all set up.  

Needless to say, I'm feeling ok about driving around town and on the freeway but I'm not feeling so good about the parking part.  Pull-through spots see the way to go.  I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say on this subject as things progress.     

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