Monday, August 6, 2012


I'm tired.  Seriously tired.  When I get tired, I get a bit irrational. 

I am generally fairly calm, composed and very organized.  Living in the house while moving things into the RV is NOT organized.  There are boxes, storage tubs and piles everywhere. This makes me a bit crazy.  We're leaving on Thursday for our first trip in the RV.  I'm now in last minute panic mode.  My mind is in overdrive trying to figure out what we still need to get moved before we leave.  

Adding to my list of worries is Grant.  Grant is our 7 year old Aussie. He's a sweet boy who is just a bit neurotic.  Grant takes doggie Prozac daily because he has terrible separation anxiety.  We've tried everything to get him over it including doggie boot camp when he was younger.  At home Grant has a doggie door and a huge fenced back yard.  He goes out whenever he wants.  That will change but nobody has told him yet.  He'll have to be taken out and walked several times a day and it will be mostly be me doing that because often Rob will just not be up to it.  Grant also has terrible food allergies. The list is long and includes turkey, corn, peas, duck, sweet potatoes, oats and soy just to name a few.  Try finding a dog food he can eat.  We have had him tested and right now he is on an elimination diet.  60 days of chicken and potatoes...just chicken and potatoes.  For now let's just say he's a bit high maintenance. 

To add to my mood, I had to go to the dentist today.  I HATE to go to the dentist.  So much, in fact, that I avoid it at all costs.  Clearly that has bitten me in the butt!  My prize, you ask?  I get to go to the dentist 4 more times in the next three weeks.    

On days like today I begin to wonder what on earth we are doing.  Are we crazy?  Probably, but we're going anyway.  Hopefully tomorrow when I wake up I'll have switched back to excited. 

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