Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ode to Richard

Rob and I have been talking about full-time RVing for several years but it just never worked out.  Perhaps the timing wasn’t right.  Last winter we had a rare snow day here in the Puget Sound.  I was at work and in order to see the snow, I walked over to Richard’s cubicle.  Richard has windows!  The snow was beautiful and those big, fluffy swirling flakes that make you wish you were home in your jammies drinking cocoa.  Richard and I started talking and ended up on the subject of places we love.  I said, “What we’d really like to do is sell the house and travel full time.”  Richard said, “What’s stopping you?”  Every reason I gave him was met with, “So?”.  He was right, the only thing stopping us was us.  Later that morning I called Rob and told him about my conversation with Richard.  

When we first started planning we had decided on an exit date of 9/1/2013.  Plenty of time to sell the house, go through and dispose of all of our possessions, pay off some bills, etc.  Somehow, here we are only 5 short months later and tomorrow is my last day of work.  When I do things here or at home I think to myself, this is the last time I will (__________) fill in the blank.  This morning it was, this is the last time I will wear this skirt, EVER! Perhaps I will burn it.  

Thanks Richard!  Thanks for responding with, “So?”

What are you waiting for?

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