Sunday, August 12, 2012

Confusion in the RV Park

After driving to the beach from the RV dealer we arrived at the RV park where we had reservations.  When I checked in the woman behind the desk told me that we weren't expected until tomorrow.  I explained that I called and moved up our arrival date and I had email confirmation.  She remembered talking to me at that point but had given our space away.  After some discussion the decided to place us in a back in site that was very small but told us we would be moved to our reserved space the following day.  We got situated for the night.  The next morning I went to the office to find out how to accomplish the move because we needed to leave by 10 am for our family reunion.  They decided to leave us where we were and said we could stay there for the duration.  Late that same evening the manager came to the door and told us we'd have to move tomorrow after all and we should do that between 11 and noon.  This morning I went to the office to see if we could just continue in the space we already had but there was no staff working.  I called the number posted on the door but got no answer.  My family who are staying in town as well, told us there was a very nice RV park near their condo.  My daughter called and there was an opening so we just hooked up to move to the new park.

We are in Premier RV Park in Lincoln City, Oregon.  This park is so much nicer and the staff are great.  It's well maintained and very friendly.  The spaces are considerably larger too.  Moving was a great decision!

We did get to spend some time with our family.  They came by and helped us move and hung out for a while.  It was fun having everyone in our new little house.

This evening we got our new Coleman Road Trip portable grill and used it for the first time.  I worked great.  Awesome steaks and some fresh local dungeness crab.  It was the first real meal I cooked in the RV. 

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  1. sounds like your having fun hope you enjoyed the fritters!!!