Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boxes of Photos - Do Your Kids a Favor

Like most families, we have boxes of pictures.  Ours have been stacked up on a table for weeks.  I knew we had to go through them but kept putting it off.  What a job!  

Yesterday Rob started looking through them so I decided to join in and get another nasty job crossed off our list.  

We spent hours going through boxes and albums.  I can't believe how many photos we threw away.  So many were scenery and neither of us remembered where they were taken.  We also had a lot of duplicates.  We ended up sorting the good ones into piles.  Our three grown daughters will get the lion's share of them.  Some we choose to keep. We ended with about 1/10 of what we started with.  

Meghan, Christina and Kelly you can thank us now because we saved you a ton of sorting later.  

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