Friday, August 10, 2012

The Apple Fritter Thief

Hello my name is Grant.  

My nephew calls me dog dog.  My mom and dad keep making me go in the truck and then we have to sleep in the little house on wheels.  Mom says I'm kind of a mess 'cause when I was little I jumped out of the truck window and fell on my head.  No, really!  I probably shouldn't have jumped out the window but I wanted to play so bad.  

Anyway, I have to take doggie Prozac for my nerves.  I also have food allergies and sometimes I get an upset tummy.  Mom says she can hear it rumbling clear across the room and then...well I have to go outside.  I'm allergic to a lot of stuff like turkey, lamb, duck, rice, corn, soy, oats, sweet potatoes, peas and a bunch more things.

Today mom and dad were getting the house ready to go and I was in the truck waiting.  When I jumped into the front seat, I smelled something delicious.  It was sweet, and yummy and I ate the whole thing.  Then mom got in and saw the empty bag.  I just sat there and looked innocent but there was something sticky in my fur and she saw it.  

We moved the truck to another parking lot and then mom and dad got out again.  I jumped into the front seat again and took a look to see if there was any more of that tasty thing and I found another one.  It was gone in a flash.  I even took it out of the bag before I ate it.  

When mom came back she saw I was in her seat again and made me move.  Then she noticed the wet and torn up bag.  I think she's on to me now.  She called them apple fritters and I had two.  They didn't get any at all.  Mom says she's waiting to see if I get sick 'cause of my allergies. 

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