Saturday, November 3, 2018

Meeting Family and Enjoying the Oregon Coast

When we left off last post Murphy and I were in Coos Bay, Oregon. I did indeed replace my power cord and 50 to 30 amp adapter and have not had any power problems since then. 
The main reason we went to Coos Bay was to visit with family. Rob's niece, Jennifer lives near there and we had never met. She has very fond memories of her Uncle. 

Jennifer, her husband Matt and their daughter came by to see Bridget, meet Murphy and take me to dinner one evening. We had a great dinner and lots of visiting. Unfortunately, Jennifer caught a nasty bug and we didn't get together again. I promised I'd be back through there and we spend more time together.
We had some rain over the next few days but some incredibly beautiful weather too. 

Murphy and I spent some time scouting beaches and places to take pictures. I enjoyed the beautiful views. 

I took a ton of photos which are safely trapped in Rob's old camera. Apparently it's different than my camera. Eventually I'll figure out how to get them out. 

While we were in town I had the Ford dealership add towing mirrors to the truck. I had some that were removable but they vibrated a lot. Now that the mirrors have been installed the truck had been named... Dumbo!
Halloween morning we were set to head for California so we got up early and started getting ready. It was raining and windy. It's no fun hooking up in the rain.

The drive wasn't awful but it rained the rest of the way through Oregon. I'm learning more and more about my truck and how it handles. It makes me feel somewhat more confident. I have to say, I5 is a breeze compared to those narrow back roads.

Next up, California

Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Along the Oregon Coast

Yesterday we moved to Coos Bay, Oregon. 

The fall color were definitely at their peak yesterday. The lighting wasn't the best but around every corner along the first half of our drive I uttered an ooh or aah.  

It's not a long drive but it was by far the most challenging so far with my new rig. The roads from the I-5 corridor to the coast are two lane, winding, twisting, up and down, with tunnels, bridges, and cliffs! All in all it went pretty smoothly. 

Coos Bay is, of course, on a bay. Our campground is also on the bay and the view is great.
After we checked in at the RV park we set-up camp and set out in search of the ocean. I needed to see and smell the ocean! 

Found it but that cliff is not happening! We went looking for a better spot. 
Better but not safe for Murphy to play. 
Here we go! Murphy completely wore himself out running in the surf and chasing the sea birds. 
It's impossible to imagine how much sand can be trapped in his fur. My plan was to rinse him off with the outside shower on the Airstream. You know what they say about the best laid plans. 

I haven't opened the outside shower panel before and I can't find a key anywhere. I don't even know if I have one. It was dark, wet and cold outside so in we both went. He immediately went to sleep without even eating his dinner. Needless to say, I've been vacuuming a lot!!

The sunset was really pretty last night. I caught this reflection in the back window. It makes me happy.
I lost power last night around 8:30. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was but I isolated it to either the power cord or the 30 to 50 amp converter. Fortunately nothing felt hot. After I got things in the right position I was able to hold power all night. Today I'm going to replace the power cord just to be safe. 

We'll be here until Halloween when we head for the Sacramento area.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Bridget's Jewelry "Chandelier" Tutorial

I've been ogling a beautiful chandelier from another Airstream for months now. This week I finally decided to try and make one for Bridget. 

Figuring out what materials to use was first. I knew it had to be light weight. I ended up going to a craft store and walking up and down every aisle to see what was available. 

I finally settled on a picture frame made of wood to use as the base. I was able to find a gray frame so I didn't have to paint it.

To wrap around the frame I found some fancy tin ribbon with filigree work which allowed me to attach the crystals. 

I used my hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the frame. I was careful to bend the corners around a sharp 90 degree angle using a rubber mallet so they would look tidy on the finished project.  

I was also very lucky because where my two ends overlapped at the end the holes lined up perfectly. You can see the seam above in the picture directly below the word seam. I didn't do anything special at the seam other than make sure it was smooth because it planned to face it away from view.

I purchased some acrylic "crystals" at the craft store and had planned to attach them using jump rings but no matter how hard I tried to close them they kept falling off of the thin tin ribbon. 
Don't use these

After some research I decided to use split rings to attach the crystals to the ribbon. 
Use these
I found different acrylic "crystals" on Amazon with split rings already attached. These work great! 

These are the crystals I used. I ordered the 38 mm size. I attached one in each hole conveniently provided by the tin ribbon manufacturer.

That's it! I was really very simple. I hung it using Command Wall Hanging Strips. I used 6 sets of the large strips because it's hanging upside down and I wanted to be safe. I moved about 100 miles today and it stayed put.

This shows one of the command strips attached to the top of the chandelier and to the bottom of the cabinet. The best advise I can give you is to clean the surface where you want to place the command strip with an alcohol wipe and dry it thoroughly.

This is a before shot of the existing light fixture. 
This is the finished product. Murphy approved!

Heading South and Jewelry for Bridget

And we're off!  This morning we left Portland for our first longer trip. We will be gone for several weeks. 

Murphy was a trooper. He rode with his head on the back seat, nose out the rear window a good bit of the drive. 
Our destination today was Junction City, Oregon. The reason I wanted to come here is because over the years we had many occasions to visit the body shop where we purchased our other RVs. The woman who is in charge of the body shop is an absolute angel. I've wanted to stop by and let her know about Rob's passing and just have a visit with her so tomorrow I plan to do that. 

I also plan to get Bridget's new tires while I'm in this area and AM Solar is located near here so I plan to have a chat with them about options for solar equipment. 

I was feeling crafty the other day and had seen another Airstream that had a chandelier installed. I loved the idea so I decided to try and make one I could hang as a surround for the light that is already there.  Every girl needs some pretty jewelry, right?

I'll post a tutorial in the next couple of days for anyone who might like to add some bling to their RV. It was an easy and inexpensive project.  

Murphy had occasion to need veterinary services the other day and low and behold there was a mobile vet service called PNW Visiting Vets right in the park where we were staying. 
Murphy and his vet hit it off immediately. He's all up to date and fit for travel.

Next stop, the beach for a whole week!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Bridget is Looking Fabulous...on the Inside

Little by little everything is coming together for Bridget my little rolling home. My washer/dryer combination unit and cabinet have been installed. 
My new cushions have been installed as well. I love them. It completely changes the look in here. I really don't do beige so I'm glad the old ones are gone. 
I absolutely love having a washer/dryer again. 

In a couple of days she goes to the dealer here in Portland for some maintenance. They are going to check the seal on all the seams, do a safety inspection on the appliances, adjust the entry door, add vent covers to the top and finally polish her. They'll have her for two days. 

Between appointments we have been staying in Troutdale, OR along the Sandy River. 
Mom! Take me with you!

We also had a brush up lesson with our dog trainer which has helped so much with Murphy's leash pulling and some other incredibly annoying things he's been doing. 
We'll be here for another 10 days or so and then we'll head southwest. I need some beach time and I have some family to meet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bridget is Getting an Upgrade

Sunday was moving day for Bridget, Murphy and me. We were on the road at 12:34 PM which is my absolute favorite time of day because it's so orderly. Yes, I know that's weird but hey, it's me.
Ultimate Airstream reception desk
We drove to Portland and arrived at Ultimate Airstreams just in time to be let into the parking lot so I could drop the trailer off. Then I went to my daughter's house where we are staying while the work is done. 
Monday morning I went back over to Ultimate Airstreams to finalize all the arrangements. I was there for quite a while. What a great business! They were very friendly and welcoming. I'm having a washer/dryer combination unit and a cabinet installed in the kitchen/living room area. 
This is what I'm having installed
I'm also having my upholstery redone. The stock cushions are not suitable for full-time living. The new cushions will be made with high density foam and better quality vinyl that won't stretch and is not slippery. 

My narrowed down swatch collection.
The big bonus in getting new cushions is I get to choose the color!
Pewter (left) and Granite (right)
Unfortunately my first choice of Pewter is out of stock so I decided on Granite with black stitching. 

Because I had to go back in and choose a different upholstery color today I got a chance to see the progress. The washer/dryer install will be finished on Friday. The new upholstery will be finished at the end of next week but I can just go in and get the cushions when they are finished. Two more days and I get my home back. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

August 2018 Update (not the most original title)

Tomorrow is September 1st and summer is winding down. So much has happened this month. I'm at the point where I need to start nailing down some plans for the winter. 
Bridget has her name badge on.

I've been slowly working on getting ready for the winter travel season this month. I went through the things I have stored here at my Brother's place. Rob and I never had anything stored while we were traveling but my Airstream is significantly smaller and there are things I just can't part with but I can't take them along either. Everything has been compacted into two huge totes. 

I also had a pull out cargo tray installed in the bed of my truck. This thing is awesome! No more climbing into the back of the truck to reach things. 

Just 5 days ago I went in for my second wrist surgery. They removed the hardware that was holding me together. I'm in a splint again for a few weeks but it's pretty small. I go in on the 12th to have the stitches removed. 
Hardware in...
Hardware out...
The 17th is the day I drop Bridget off at Ultimate Airstreams to have her new washer/dryer installed. That is exciting! I'll be staying with my daughter in Portland while they do the installation. After that I think I'm free to hit the road for a while. I'll need to be back for Christmas and the new baby. 
Murphy loves his snake.

Decisions, decisions....